6 Ways to Grow your Podcast Audience with Search Engine Optimization

You’ve already heard about the technical sides of Search Engine Optimization – the keyword placement, the loading time of the page and all these significant numbers. However, there is much more to SEO than just analytics and technical stuff. Links are also important, but the third pillar of Search Engine Optimization may be the most overlooked, yet the most significant. We’re talking about quality content. Content means everything that you create, and podcasts sure fall into that category. They can build your brand and drive quality traffic to your blog, something that is indispensable nowadays. Podcasts can also be modified to reach the maximum number of people. Let’s see how exactly you can accomplish that. All it takes is implementing these 6 ways to grow your podcast audience with Search Engine Optimization and your podcast will soar.

6 Steps to Grow with Search Engine Optimization

  1. The title

Having a good title is everything nowadays. How will people find your podcast on iTunes or Google Play? By typing in the title of course. Your title needs to be equipped with only one keyword.

Keyword-rich titles are often too long and aren’t as memorable. Having a max 7-word title, with one keyword, can mean the difference. This way, not only will Google rank you higher, but you will also be memorable to your listeners.

  1. Optimize your RSS feed

Although people don’t use RSS nearly as much nowadays, it still plays an important role in optimizing your SEO ranking. Your RSS feed is tasked with syndicating your podcast on all the music streaming services.

People are subscribing to your feed when they’re subscribing to your podcast. There are several RSS optimization plugins and they can all assist you in your journey to a higher SEO ranking.

  1. Leveraging your website

When you’re the owner of a blog or a podcast, it’s always good to get traffic from other websites and have a significant presence online.

However, many podcast creators have a problem with regular content updates, mostly because they don’t have the ability to post new episodes all the time. Episode recaps, descriptions and key takeaways can create more traffic chances.

audience with Search Engine Optimization

Content, Videos, and Guest Speakers

  1. Recycle your content

Nobody in this world has the ability to post something different on a daily basis. This is why you should post more things than just podcast episodes.

Turn episodes into tutorials, guides with tips and other useful content for your listeners. Turn them to readers too, as you can post news from your podcast in text form later.

  1. Post YouTube videos

There are no reasons why you shouldn’t take the recording, fuse it with an artwork and post in on YouTube. The world’s largest video service is a search engine in its own right and it gives you a ton of traffic on its own.

Not to mention that video results also appear in Google’s search results. It can be a whole another influx of traffic for you.

  1. Use guests as a form of link-building

By having guest speakers and interviewees on your podcast, you’re not only enriching your content, but you’re also giving yourself a new chance. This chance comes in the form of an opportunity for those guests to promote your own podcast on their blogs.

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WordPress Adds Advanced SEO Tools, and It’ll Make you Smile

A shocking fact about the marketing industry is that many bloggers and marketers still need knowledge of basic SEO. Most business owners are still unable to grasp the basic principles of SEO and that is precisely the things that are holding them back from achieving their true potential. The reason for the lack of knowledge could be deemed as a mix of laziness and an excessive love for PPC and simple money pumping. Another reason for this lack of SEO proficiency is that many services and websites don’t offer tips to their users concerning SEO and maintaining an organic ranking. A change has recently been made, as WordPress may very well become the first blogging website to implement an SEO section strictly for their users and their needs. Let’s take a look at the advanced SEO tools announcement and what it actually means for site owners.

WordPress Announcement

The big announcement

WordPress made a recent announcement about adding advanced SEO tools to their site. Now, most knowledgeable people would laugh the “advanced” part off, but they actually shouldn’t. Many people use WordPress services, without any knowledge about attracting customers and visitors.

Their goal is to teach people to optimize their blog or site for search engines and to make the blog more suitable for sharing on social media.

WordPress should really be lauded for their effort in educating people about one of the hottest areas of expertise – digital marketing. Plus, this will allow WordPress to get even more traffic, so it’s a win-win for both sides.

advanced SEO tools

Advanced SEO Tools

The tools themselves

Out of all the tools added, the first one is the added option of customizing meta descriptions. When search engines list your site, they randomly put text in the description. With WordPress customization tool, you can do this on your own and select the description that fits you best.

Custom title formats are another novelty for WordPress users. This feature allows you to customize the titles of pages on different sections of your site. You can reorder all the elements, like site names, taglines and page titles. This was previously unavailable, so it’s bound to cause a massive stir.

Social media previews are the next big thing in this line of WordPress tools. With it, you can see how a published post or page will actually look like in reality. This advanced SEO tool will give you the idea of how the post will look on Facebook, Twitter and Google search.

This, combined with the other tools will teach blog users to make the most out of their content and promote it the right way. Most social media sharing goes without the necessary checks, so this should improve the social media presence of many blogs and companies.

The significance

These SEO tools are advanced by no means, but they are a great step forward. Keep in mind that WordPress is mainly used by amateur bloggers who can’t grasp the concept of SEO. With this new set of tools, who knows what kind of brilliant idea might get a voice to hear next.

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Just Doors Experts in Los Angeles

Doors can instantly change the look of a house and increase its value. The owners of Just Doors Company realized this fact for the 15 years that they were in the building & construction industry and decided to form a company that deals only on doors and its accessories. It started as small company, with limited capital, inventory and manpower but with great commitment to providing goods and services that meet customer satisfaction. For the last fifteen years, the company has made great strides into its current state where it is the largest supplier of doors in Los Angeles. The company is well known among residents of Los Angeles and beyond for providing the most reliable services and quality doors.

Doors Expert in Los Angeles

Professional Doors Expert Los Angeles

Whether you are installing the doors in a newly built house or it is replacing them, Just Doors Experts in Los Angeles is the right supplier you should choose. With a combined experience of over 30 years, the team understands the various trends in the market and what direction it might take in the near future. They also know the best quality of all doors and locks that are available. Most of the doors are made in the company’s yard therefore giving the customers a choice of customization. All one needs is provide a detailed description of the door and the technician will provide an exact copy. Alternatively, the technician will walk through the design process and even chip in some very useful information. To further improve its reliability, Just Doors Co. has established itself as the only trusted supplier of locks and accessories from the top manufactures in the industry in Los Angeles.

Affordable Doors Expert Los Angeles

One of the factors that have seen the company gain good reputation is the provision of high quality products. It is the most trusted supplier of doors, fittings and locks that are made from the best material which exhibit durability. They are always of the latest fashion hence giving your house a modern look after replacement or renovation. The installation services are simple and quick but with a lot of precision in order to give you a long lasting resolution. You will experience a unique level of professionalism that you surely will not come across anywhere. Generally, all products and services from Just Doors Experts in Los Angeles have the best prizes that you will ever find anywhere. For free samples, quotations and brochures which show the different items on sale, contact the customer care through an email or you can make a call.

Benefits Art festival in Los Angeles

Need to celebrate a diversity of Los Angeles visit? Worry not then. All you need to do is start with a Midwestern pioneer spirit. Apply colors of Mexican traditions, with a highlight of Asian palette culture and splash that with African and European originalities. By framing with ideas that have never been seen before, you will make a typical art festival for Los Angeles. Los Angeles festivals are best enjoyed with a visit using a bus, part bus, coach bus, a passenger bus a mini bus or even a school bus.

Art Festival LA

The Best Art Festival in Los Angeles

In 1980, Sunset Junction was started in order to ease tension that existed between Silver Lake’s Latino and the gay communities. This festival, now carried out annually, attracts a lot of attendances. More than two hundred food booths and artisans seek attention whereas three or more musical stages showcase perform arts. Carnival ride square blocks, which go up to five, shooting galleries as well as dance venues. By patronizing booths of non -profit making organizations, visitors can be in a position to give back to the society. These normally returns free hepatitis vaccines as well as AIDS brochures and information about additional relief programs.

Local Art Festival in Los Angeles

Contemporary pieces that are dramatically lighted, sparkling champagne glasses as well as soothing air conditioned surroundings do greet visitors and at the same time form hallmarks, which is an international art experience. A curated exhibition reveals that art in Los Angeles is simply the best. There are lectures and seminars that usually enlighten the artist, bus visitors as well as gallery owners. When it comes to celluloid works, bus visitors can simply buy tickets in order to watch the companion film series.

There is also a celebration of Italian culture, Italia, Los Angeles. The festival is usually sponsored by Italian Ministry of Culture, the Italian Embassy and also the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When it comes to chatter bus visitors they can find high profile exhibits of creators of different films, art, photography and fashion. The festivals, which are week long, use such venues as Mann’s Chinese Theatre the Hollywood as well as Highland Center. Most of the exhibits are usually free.

There is also a week long tribute dedicated to the Land of Rising Sun centering on Tokyo. The tribute is known as Nisei hence a Nisei week. There is no need to worry if one does not understand the language because the festival is normally designed with charter bus visitor in consideration. Signs as well as narrations are usually in English. Sample Japanese foods are also available from area restaurants and festival booths.

Do not be left out. Organize a chatter visit the Art Festival for Los Angeles and enjoy .everything is put in place for you.

Why you should use piano teacher services in Orange County

Have you been having passion for playing piano? If yes then you are on the right place where you will get the necessary information on how you will learn to be a piano player.  There are various ways that you use to learn piano in Orange County. Some of the most common methods include hiring a piano teacher, using piano text books and also through online piano learning tutorials. In Orange County, Doris Chiang piano studio is one of the leading studios that have been offering piano lessons.

Piano Teachers Services in Orange County

Professional Piano Teacher Services in Orange County

 Using a piano teacher to learn piano is the most effective method of learning how to play piano. A competent piano teacher services in Orange County should have experience in teaching and playing piano.  You should therefore ensure you hire a qualified piano teacher who has been practicing piano playing for a number of years. You should therefore gather enough information regarding the piano studios that you are considering to hire. After doing the comparison you should hire the one who has high rating.  Doris chiang studio has highly qualified teachers that are competent in offering piano lessons.

There are various benefits that arose with training piano lessons using a teacher. One of the main benefits is that you will master how to play piano very fast since you have a teacher next to you who is guiding you on how play the piano. The teacher will also correct you where you make a mistake when practicing to play piano. Our teachers’ will offer you maximum attention to ensure that you have understood how to play piano. They will also provide you with regular examination to test you on whether you have mastered the art of piano playing.

Affordable Piano Teacher Services in Orange County

Doris chiang piano studio teachers will also train you on various techniques that will help to make your arm muscles and fingers flexible. This will help you when playing piano because you muscles are very much used in playing piano. It is important for you to understand that learning pianos is not just learning the notes but also learn performance delivery and technique. Piano teacher services in Orange County will be ready to nurture you through the whole learning experience. These are some of the benefits that you cannot obtain from online resources or books.

At Doris Chiang studio we are committed in offering the best piano training lessons to our clients across Orange county.  Our teachers have put your interests first and they are therefore ready to serve you at any time. Do not hesitate to contact at anytime you are in need of piano training teachers.

David Graeber | Storytelling in Glass

Paper Weight

Every piece of glass workmanship that David Graeber makes starts with a decent story. Whether he’s in the state of mind to pay tribute to a previous educator, recollect a relative, or report the life adventure of a silkworm, each of his works intends to transfer an individual reflection or his affection for nature.

Graeber, conceived in New Jersey, has developed into a piece of a South Jersey glass making tradition that goes back to the 1700s. Here, glassworkers were in the long run perceived for their aptitude in making glass paperweights. They started to join glass outlines into the customary group estimations of home, church and nation.

Graeber’s Apprenticeships | Vail & Stankard

In the late 1980s, Graeber had the chance to go about as a student for George Vail, a nearby craftsman and educator, who acquainted him with to carpentry, design reproduction, business workmanship, and scientific model. Graeber met globally acclaimed glassblower Paul Stankard in 1980, considered the father of advanced glass paperweights, who welcomed him to act as a collaborator. The open door managed Graeber time and space for innovative flexibility. Following quite a while of support from Stankard and different tutors, Graeber at long last settled himself as a free glass craftsman in 2009.

Contact The Glass Gallery

In the event that you have inquiries with respect to Graeber’s work or are basically intrigued by acquiring more data about The Glass Gallery and its present shows, don’t dither to contact us today. We’re the world’s chief merchant of compelling artwork glass paperweights and brag a gathering of obsolescent and contemporary paperweights from everywhere throughout the world. Call us at 314.416.4200 for extra data or send an email [info@selman.com]

French Origins of Decorative Glass Paperweights

Paper Weights

Fantastic glass paperweights were initially mainstream somewhere around 1845 and 1860 in focal France. The French glass processing plants of Baccarat, Saint-Louis and Clichy delivered give or take 25,000 weights amid this time, however they rapidly lost ubiquity as penmanship letters turned out to be more of an oddity. The primary ever World’s Fair in 1851 London showcased glass paperweights; the display drew swarms so huge that the reasonable in the end needed to proportion survey time.

American Independent Studio Glassblowing Movement

It wasn’t until the mid-1900s that paperweights re-developed as a well known fine art when Charles Kaziun, Jr., started to create glass catches, paperweights, inkwells, bottles and exquisite lampwork. In the long run, the autonomous studio glass blowing group was conceived as a few U.S.- based studios rose, making particular lines of work. A portion of the more striking studios included Orient and Flume, Correia Art Glass, St. Clair Glass (now called The House of Glass), Lotton Art Glass, Parabelle Glass and Lundberg Studios.

The greater part of the botanical paperweights from the mid-twentieth century included implausible cartoonish blooms. In the long run, Paul Stankard, considered the father of the advanced glass paperweight, developed with his previous associate, Jim D’Onofrio, to make excellent botanical glass paperweights so reasonable that people in general regularly accepted that they had really encased live blossoms inside of the circles.

Favored Paperweight Collectors Through Time

Today you’ll locate an energetic group of glass paperweight gatherers around the world, a few of whom host national or territorial traditions, visits addresses and barters. Some of their more acclaimed ancestors incorporate French essayist Colette; Irish writer Oscar Wilde; American author performer Truman Capote; Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugenie; Maximilian I of Mexico’s wife, Empress Carlota; and Farouk, King of Egypt.

Midwestern land magnate, Arthur Rubloff, called “the man who changed the substance of Chicago,” may possibly be viewed as the most well known authority of paperweights. Rubloff’s accumulation is viewed as the finest on the planet and can be seen at The Art Institute of Chicago. Today, the absolute most looked for after paperweights offer at costs above $300,000.

Ayotte Paperweights | L.H. Selman Glass

Paper weights

Internationally acclaimed for his unfathomably exact translations of little animals and winged creatures in their characteristic territories, glass artisan Rick Ayotte has spent a lifetime mulling over and watching nature to make little universes encased in glass.

Beginnings | Rick Ayotte

Conceived in New Hampshire, Ayotte authoritatively started his profession at 18 years old as a logical glass blower. After some time, he turned out to be phenomenally gifted and in the long run started making and offering more masterful lampwork figures. In the end, Ayotte had the chance to meet Paul Stankard, considered the father of the American glass paperweight, who led the developing glass-blowing development. Stankard helped urge Ayotte to encase his practical characteristic glass puppets into glass circles, and Ayotte’s long lasting enthrallment with glassblowing and paperweights was conceived.

Ayotte spent an extensive bit of his time concentrating on the science and territories of his subjects, and in the long run turn into a specialist in feathered creature life structures. He regularly talks about his longing to impart his insight into nature to the individuals who don’t have the chance to see it firsthand.

As Ayotte’s art advanced, his tastes did also. Partial to nineteenth century French paperweights, he kept on consummating the sensible blooms and little animals in his own works.

Today, Ayotte’s paperweight shows visit the world and his manifestations can be found in prestigious accumulations everywhere throughout the globe, including The White House, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Corning Museum of Glass, and the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada.

Contact Us

In the event that you have inquiries in regards to Ayotte’s paperweights or are just intrigued by adapting all the more about The Glass Gallery, don’t waver to contact us. We anticipate sharing our energy about this all inclusive perceived claim to fame make. Call us at 314.416.4200 or send an email [info@selman.com]

History of Philanthropy


Philanthropy is gotten from a term in Greek inferring “adoration for mankind“. This has a feeling of sustaining, mindful, upgrading and building up the quintessence of humankind. It influences the promoters at this very moment and activity their qualities in both volunteering and giving. Also, the recipients get influenced emphatically through pending increases made.

Private activities” is a routine cutting edge meaning of this term which is connected in reference to acts which concentrate on enhancing personal satisfaction for open great. It joins a social investigative component grew inside of the twentieth century with unique humanistic custom. Thusly, this definition to some degree stands out charity from business.

Philanthropic occasions cover regularly with those of philanthropy, despite the fact that not every altruistic demonstration constitute charity and the other way around. Their normal contrast is that while philanthropy assuages torments which are brought on by social issues, altruism endeavors determining such issues at their underlying drivers. This can be depicted obviously by the refinement between offering an eager man some fish and demonstrating to him how precisely to do the angling himself. A person who practices altruism is known presently.

Social and innovative change has to some degree influenced the act of Philanthropy the same number of gifts are made today by means of the web. Associations, for example, Opportunity International alongside Kiva (small scale loaning), Charity kick (small scale giving), or Raise (smaller scale volunteering) influence group financing Philanthropy as a method for raising cash for philanthropy. GiveDirectly encourages direct exchanges of money to individual low-wage families inside of East Africa. Worldwide Giving empowers individuals to group store ventures for adding to the group inside of nations of low wage…. [Read More]

Small Business Entrepreneur Coach “Sam Solakyan”


Sam Solakyan is a man of awesome entrepreneurial abilities. He is President of Vital Imaging Partners Incorporated and has dynamic parts inside of thirty-three organizations alongside idle parts inside of seven different organizations. Key Imaging is enrolled in California and has been working for almost five years. The dynamic parts of Mr. Solakyan incorporate the accompanying:

Sam S. Solakyan too is joined with different top officers by means of these corporate parts, among who is Mark Kappico. This wonderful individual has additional chronicled parts with another arrangement of five organizations right now:

Solakyan additionally serves right now Paramount Management Services, Incorporated. He is proficient and phenomenal in income cycle administration, having established this endeavor and led its arrangement. Mr. Solakyan holds an Undergraduate Degree from University of Phoenix. He graduated there with distinction in Business Management…. [Read More]