Small Business Entrepreneur Coach “Sam Solakyan”


Sam Solakyan is a man of awesome entrepreneurial abilities. He is President of Vital Imaging Partners Incorporated and has dynamic parts inside of thirty-three organizations alongside idle parts inside of seven different organizations. Key Imaging is enrolled in California and has been working for almost five years. The dynamic parts of Mr. Solakyan incorporate the accompanying:

Sam S. Solakyan too is joined with different top officers by means of these corporate parts, among who is Mark Kappico. This wonderful individual has additional chronicled parts with another arrangement of five organizations right now:

Solakyan additionally serves right now Paramount Management Services, Incorporated. He is proficient and phenomenal in income cycle administration, having established this endeavor and led its arrangement. Mr. Solakyan holds an Undergraduate Degree from University of Phoenix. He graduated there with distinction in Business Management…. [Read More]