6 Ways to Grow your Podcast Audience with Search Engine Optimization

You’ve already heard about the technical sides of Search Engine Optimization – the keyword placement, the loading time of the page and all these significant numbers. However, there is much more to SEO than just analytics and technical stuff. Links are also important, but the third pillar of Search Engine Optimization may be the most overlooked, yet the most significant. We’re talking about quality content. Content means everything that you create, and podcasts sure fall into that category. They can build your brand and drive quality traffic to your blog, something that is indispensable nowadays. Podcasts can also be modified to reach the maximum number of people. Let’s see how exactly you can accomplish that. All it takes is implementing these 6 ways to grow your podcast audience with Search Engine Optimization and your podcast will soar.

6 Steps to Grow with Search Engine Optimization

  1. The title

Having a good title is everything nowadays. How will people find your podcast on iTunes or Google Play? By typing in the title of course. Your title needs to be equipped with only one keyword.

Keyword-rich titles are often too long and aren’t as memorable. Having a max 7-word title, with one keyword, can mean the difference. This way, not only will Google rank you higher, but you will also be memorable to your listeners.

  1. Optimize your RSS feed

Although people don’t use RSS nearly as much nowadays, it still plays an important role in optimizing your SEO ranking. Your RSS feed is tasked with syndicating your podcast on all the music streaming services.

People are subscribing to your feed when they’re subscribing to your podcast. There are several RSS optimization plugins and they can all assist you in your journey to a higher SEO ranking.

  1. Leveraging your website

When you’re the owner of a blog or a podcast, it’s always good to get traffic from other websites and have a significant presence online.

However, many podcast creators have a problem with regular content updates, mostly because they don’t have the ability to post new episodes all the time. Episode recaps, descriptions and key takeaways can create more traffic chances.

audience with Search Engine Optimization

Content, Videos, and Guest Speakers

  1. Recycle your content

Nobody in this world has the ability to post something different on a daily basis. This is why you should post more things than just podcast episodes.

Turn episodes into tutorials, guides with tips and other useful content for your listeners. Turn them to readers too, as you can post news from your podcast in text form later.

  1. Post YouTube videos

There are no reasons why you shouldn’t take the recording, fuse it with an artwork and post in on YouTube. The world’s largest video service is a search engine in its own right and it gives you a ton of traffic on its own.

Not to mention that video results also appear in Google’s search results. It can be a whole another influx of traffic for you.

  1. Use guests as a form of link-building

By having guest speakers and interviewees on your podcast, you’re not only enriching your content, but you’re also giving yourself a new chance. This chance comes in the form of an opportunity for those guests to promote your own podcast on their blogs.

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